Dream Theater: The Astonishing Game

The first ever Dream Theater game is coming your way. See the new development updates below!

Prepare to step into the dystopian future as described in the concept album The Astonishing. Travel to The Great Northern Empire Of The Americas (G.N.E.A.) where any dedication, investment or interest in the arts has all but been abandoned. The very soul of what was once real music is lost in a digital quagmire of emotionless sonic madness.

In this setting a young man from the Endless Isleland, Gabriel, emerges with a voice so profound it moves everyone that listens, transporting them back to a time where true art created by humans was celebrated and consumed as the ultimate nourishment for the soul.

In the game you will follow the story-line of the album through a series of matches between the rebel militia and the forces of G.N.E.A. in a board-based tactical strategy game! The game is available soon on iOS & Android (both mobile and tablets), as well as for PC and MAC.

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    • Dynamic digital board-game
    • Advanced animations
    • Superb sound design
    • A dramatic storyline
    • Single-player
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    Dream Theater has seen three decades of continually redefining the parameters of hard rock and progressive heavy metal, overcoming obstacles, surpassing critical expectations, and resisting the incessant winds of industry uncertainty. Staying an exciting course in a sea littered with also-rans, pretenders, and opportunists, Dream Theater’s body of work endures with singular triumph.

    The Astonishing is undisputedly the most ambitious undertaking by a band whose cerebral compositions already define the vanguard of progressive hard rock. “This is the next natural step in our evolution,” declares longtime frontman James LaBrie. “This is a pinnacle moment for us. This is something we had to do.”

    With a string of successful album releases and a colossal international following, counting almost four million Facebook followers, Dream Theater also holds numerous awards for technical musical skills.

    Now, prepare for their game!


    16th of June 2016: Welcome to the First Production Letter for The Astonishing Game!
    We are deep into development of the game, and are quite excited to do a public update. 

    “The Astonishing Game” is a tactical, digital board game with series of matches played out as various conflicts that follow the dramatic storyline of the album. In each conflict, members of the Great Northern Empire of the Americas (G.N.E.A.) face off against members of the Ravenskill militia. Your objective is to win each conflict by persuading your opposition to surrender.  The game play is non-violent, with the focus being on changing minds and morale, rather than drawing blood.

    We are happy to reveal the first screenshot of a match, this one taking place in the fiery Ironworks. This initial conflict sees the uprising of the Ravenskill Militia and happens just before Gabriel is introduced in our storyline. 


    From the screenshot, you can see that the Ravenskill militia side has several different “units” to add to the board, each representing different arts, and with different costs to put into play (the drummer unit costs 8 Power, for example). The units available to the Ravenskill militia are:

    • vocalist,
    • guitarist,
    • pianist,
    • dancer,
    • painter,
    • drummer

    All of the units have different movement and action patterns. Initially, each side has identical functionality in its units, which keeps the challenge balanced.

    Each turn starts with a set number of Powers being available, which can be split between putting a new unit into play, moving a unit, performing an action with a unit, or using a unit’s direct ability. Once the Power has been spent, the turn is passed.

    On the board you will find Power Tiles – once one of your units stands on these long enough, the tile will accrue to your control and your Power will be increased. As such, Power Tiles hold great tactical value. Your objective is to get your units across the board, and to persuade three of your opponent’s seven camps to give up. These camps are at the terminus of each horizontal line of tiles on the board.


    There is even more granularity to the gameplay, but we will describe that in a later update. Our mantra is to keep the game easy to understand, but to incorporate expanding complexity as players get deeper into it. We will offer both single- and multiplayer functionality, with the first two conflicts being free to play at launch.

    We also have to include here a very unfortunate update for the project. Our friend and beloved sound engineer, Jory Prum, passed away after a motorcycle accident in April 2016 after three weeks in ICU. We send his family our deepest condolences, and will let a share of all future revenue from this game fall to his family. You may read more about Jory here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/archenemy/2016/04/25/farewell-to-jory/#10adac8814da.

    The incident with Jory has given the project development a slight pushback.  However, as Jory would say, “the show must go on” and development is moving forward.  Please stay tuned for more updates in the near future.


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