Turbo Tape Games have been making game based experiences, exhibits and tools for academia, museums, science centers and industry since 2008. The company has recently completed its 38th such project, with more set for delivery in 2017 and 2018.

Turbo Tape Games also make video games for international markets in the strategy games genre, with six titles released to date. One of Turbo Tape Games core strength is using knowledge from games to strengthen the clarity, narrative and user friendliness of exhibits, tools and simulators that promote and engage learning and understanding.

We are located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site at Bryggen in Bergen, and work closely with Bergen Science Center VilVite, to which we have delivered 11 of our projects to date. One of our games is the tactical cycling racing game Full Cycle, which in addition to being sold in the entertainment market is also used for research in user behavior at The University of Bergen. To learn more about this as well as our other games, please refer to our games pages.

Turbo Tape Games have solid experience in strategic development and taking projects from early synopsis and concept, through refinement, production, deployment, follow up and support. Our knowledge spans conceptual-, educational- and game design, algorithmic development and programming, graphics and physical interaction. In spacious environments we also develop physical exhibits as well as any form of natural interaction using cameras, RFID/NFC, Bluetooth, pattern recognition, augmented reality and much more.

Vil_Vite_Turbo_Tape_Slukhals Press Play Vil_Vite_Turbo_Tape_ROV

Above is a selection of projects we have delivered, two at VilVite and one at The Art Museums of Bergen.

Big Mouth to the left is an interactive glass sculpture, fitted with lights to show internal organs and to signalize the digestive path of nutrients. The exhibition teaches what processes divestment involves as well as what substances come to use in the physiology where and how, and what goes to waste while visitors play an information game to correlate the correct process at the correct time.

In the middle is Pelle the Paintbrush, part of the Art of Videogames Press Play exhibition at the Art Museums of Bergen, KODE 1. Pelle the Paintbrush is a game about the history of video game graphics where players play as a paintbrush, painting the world as time spans from the early 1980s and up to today, learning both about the technological constraints of different eras, as well as about the dominant art directions and styles of different times.

To the right is the ROV Simulator, where visitors operate an ROV to solve a real challenge in the depths of the North Sea, using real seating and controller equipment as used in science and industry on vessels and platforms. In addition to the exact simulation of the working situation, the exhibit makes use of correct formulas for pressure, drag, etc. to promote learning of forces. It also includes a correct representation of the ocean floor and the diversity of populations, as well as a couple of fun facts like the existence of black smokers, without it being part of the learning experience.

Over the last 10 years we have become Norway's leading experts in creating game based learning environments about scientific and cultural subjects and phenomenon. We create both digital and physical installations and educational experiences at museum floors, on mobiles, web and as software providing both core as well as pre- and post-experiences used in schools as well as homes.

When you or your organization has concepts and ideas, however broad or detailed, for use in public or school education, as simulators or research experiment tools, do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free consultation at post@turbotapegames.com.


Some of our current and previous partners and customers.

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